Actionable Price Guides

Accurate vehicle pricing data that can empower your business decision making processes. Not only is our valuation data vin specific, built upon our proprietary data sets, but it is accurate enough to be relied upon in enterprise decision making and work flows.

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Our Markets

While we look at automotive data from a global level, our team specialises in providing this data in the following markets:

Gulf Cooperative Community (GCC)


New Zealand

China - launching 2019

Hong Kong (SAR) - launching 2019


Our Methodology


VIN Specific

Every car is unique. Our VIN level methodology takes into account vehicle specific specifications, options and history factors - to get the exact value guide for that car.

Macro & Market Factors

Seasonal events, such as Ramadan can play a part in used car values. Our system takes into account macro and market specific factors, to ensure greater accuracy.

Depreciation Curves

We use our proprietary data set, to move, or place the valued vehicle above or below a multi-variate function curve, built upon historical data.


Remove the guess work.

Remove the guess work from assessing used car values. Accurate, specific and actionable.